Felt for me is both painting and sculpture. The little work desk that I started with quickly became a full workshop where I try to make unique women’s clothing (hats, scarves, shawls, skirts, dresses, coats) that brings out the warmth of the soul. I am attempting to revive this old material while also keeping its natural feel. What I am trying to achieve is to make coats that are more than coats, and stoles that are more than stoles. I do not just want to keep people’s arms and backs warm, I want to give something more. I dye the wool and silk myself. I combine the finest merino wool with natural silk, silk fiber, beads, and various textiles. I always try to make longlasting products - simultaneously shaping the material, the form and the texture. The birth of each piece of clothing is a unique event – they touch the heart because each have their own soul.

Judit Szaniszlo